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If you're taking advantage of the huge opportunities that exist to grow your business in new markets, it's easy to become overburdened with the complexities of international hiring.

Opening local entities, setting up payroll and benefits, and trying to keep on top of local employment laws all take time, cost money, and delay your journey to success.

It doesn’t have to be painful. Remote offers a global employment solution for organizations of any size to hire talent across the world. We manage payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance - allowing you to focus on your global growth.

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Setting up legal entities versus hiring internationally with Remote

Entity comparison information

Hiring with Remote


From $599 /employee/month no long term commitments or extra fees


Onboarding in minutes


24/7 support from our network of local HR, legal and finance experts.

Own legal entities


Over $100k per location, depending on country requirements and ongoing administration


3-12 months depending on country


Find and manage your own HR, legal, finance experts to ensure compliance with local laws

Global employment for international expansion

Grow with new employees around the world

By taking on the legal responsibilities of an employer, Remote manages payroll, tax, compliance, and benefits for your employees in countries around the world. Their day-to-day work is still directed by your company.

  • Employees sign an employment contract with Remote’s local entities, but still report to you
  • Legal liabilities remain with Remote for your peace of mind
  • Remote handles all tax payments, and you avoid corporation taxes where you don’t have local entities

Localized payroll, benefits, and advice

Wherever your employees are based, Remote delivers a personalized experience.

  • Pay employees in local currencies, according to local regulations and customs
  • Provide country-specific statutory benefits by default
  • Offer additional benefits like insurance or healthcare packages where available
  • Support visa and immigration requests in certain countries
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Onboard new employees in minutes

The Remote platform streamlines typical employer processes like onboarding and expense management so you can focus on more strategic priorities.

  • Invite new employees to verify their identity and complete their employment details
  • Manage employment details, payroll, expenses, and time-off requests in one place
  • Store employment documents in our secure platform so they’re at your fingertips when you need them
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Why do international organizations choose Remote?

Remote assumes 
employer liability

As the employer of record, Remote is responsible for complying with employment laws in every country where we operate. Companies use Remote to avoid the risks and costs of establishing their own entities and to ensure compliance with labor laws, payroll, and employer taxes.

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We own entities in all locations we serve

Unlike other global employment solutions, we don’t pass employment responsibilities to third-party local providers. Owning our own global infrastructure ensures tighter integration of services, better customer experiences, and cost savings. Every employee is hired directly through a local Remote owned and operated entity.

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Industry-leading intellectual property transfers

Your business is built on your intellectual property, from your code to your brand. The Remote IP Guard guarantee gives you assurance that your IP is fully protected to the maximum extent allowed in each country.

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Global expansion expertise

There’s no need to navigate international hiring and employment regulations on your own. We offer support for both employees and employers. Whether you’re expanding in Ethiopia or looking to offer stock options in Singapore, there’s no topic too big or too small that we can’t help with.

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