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Maximize growth and reduce risk when hiring globally.

Remote's expert consultants are the resource your team needs to overcome and prevent challenges when scaling to new countries...

Unmatched expertise

Get a competitive edge when expanding to new markets by tapping into Remote’s deep knowledge and experience. As your trusted hiring partner, our consultants have the insights you need to make informed decisions every step of the way.

Personalized support

Get a competitive edge when expanding to new markets by tapping into Remote’s deep knowledge and experience. As your trusted hiring partner, our consultants have the insights you need to make informed decisions every step of the way.

Confident hiring

Global hiring comes with many benefits, but dealing with the complexities can be daunting. That’s why Remote puts the best tools and support at your fingertips, so you can expand your teams with confidence. Partner with our consultants and can take on the world with renewed peace of mind.

Minimizing risks

Fines and legal challenges are a few of the potential risks that come with international hiring — but you don’t have to take on that burden alone. Remote’s consultants can help you protect your business and employees, ensuring smooth and successful expansion anywhere your recruitment efforts take you.

Security and data privacy
All consulting sessions last approximately 30 minutes. Our consulting services are intended to provide general information, not specific legal, financial, or tax guidance. Customers should always consult with their legal, accounting, and tax advisors prior to making any business decisions. Contact us for a price quote and more information.

Our services

Remote’s global hiring experts provide one-on-one support for:

  • Global needs assessment

    What’s included:

    - Review the differences between an employer of record (EOR), contractor management, a payroll provider, and setting up your own entity.

    - Learn which approach is best for different organizational structures. Understand contractor misclassification risks and contractor to employee conversion.

    - Access our verified partner marketplace to enhance your global business strategy.

  • EOR transfer assessment

    What’s included:

    - Cost savings analysis for switching EOR providers.

    - Streamlined transition plan to ensure continuity in your hiring, onboarding, benefits, compliance, and more.

    - Custom communication plan for employees.

    - Employee satisfaction, visas, and specific country requirements.

  • Talent acquisition strategy

    What’s included:

    - Assess your current hiring processes with our international employment experts.

    - Discover how to eliminate your toughest global hiring challenges.
    Learn how to build more competitive employment packages and hiring campaigns.

    - Build on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

    - Access our verified talent partner marketplace for global sourcing and recruiting.

  • Remote workforce management

    What’s included:

    - Strategies for building and maintaining a strong remote company culture.

    - Exploration of top tools for async teamwork, timezone management, and documentation.

    - Understand how Remote operationally manages a growing global workforce and how these lessons can apply to your unique organization.

  • Equity incentive planning

    What’s included:

    - Review your current equity plan with our team and learn how to apply it to an international workforce.

    - Obtain critical insights on local tax and regulatory treatments around the world.

    - Discover ways to improve underlying agreements and ensure compatibility with an EOR.

  • Global employment & tax analysis

    What’s included:

    - Analyze the local tax implications of hiring in a target country.

    - Risk assessment for permanent establishment.

    - Examine the tax impacts of hiring digital nomads in certain countries.

    - Understand how local taxes can impact employment benefits, including stock options.

    - Learn more about your VAT position.

  • Global employee relocation

    What’s included:

    - Practical advice for initiating a short-term or long-term employee move.

    - Examine important country and region-specific immigration laws.

    - Gain essential information about visas, taxes, and employment regulations.

    - Understand how to avoid visa and work permit hurdles that can hold up an application.

    - Learn what employment options are available in your target country.

    - Find out how Remote can help you relocate your employee.

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